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What comes to mind when you think of a mobile application? Listening to music, following the news, or sharing photos? All of these answers are correct, there is not a simple answer to this question. This is because when we talk about mobile applications, we are talking about software designed to be compatible with smart devices. The scope of mobile applications extends from social media applications to health applications, from translation applications to streaming services.

As a result of development and diffusion of technology, a separate need has also emerged for mobile apps. Mobile application translation, or in other words software translation. Translation acts as a medium for these applications and software to reach the target audience. In addition to pure translation, localization suitable for the target audience and culture is also required. In this way, the content of the application will be reflected in the most appropriate way for the target audience. As a qualified language service provider, HeliCo Translation offers optimum translation services in the field of mobile application translation by choosing the most appropriate terminology for the market.

How Is Mobile Application Translation Done?

Thanks to mobile applications, we are easily able to access the information we want, whenever we want, or perform our transactions with just one click. We frequently use these applications for both our personal and corporate transactions. Thanks to mobile application translation, applications reach more people. Moreover, thanks to translation, applications cross borders and thus reach different cultures as well as different languages.

Let us briefly summarize how these applications are translated. Many different factors are taken into account during mobile application translation. These factors are: translators who are competent in their field, who have sufficient experience in this field, who have read parallel texts, customer demands, the style to be used in the translation, and the creation of the terminology to be used. The most important thing in mobile application translation is that the language service provider and the customer work together. First of all, potential customers who request mobile application translation need to provide specific information to a competent language service provider. One of the most important points to be followed for mobile application translation is the suitability of the translation for the target audience. Therefore, after the necessary information, the target audience and target culture are determined. Then target style is defined. A joint decision is made on factors such as word choice, language use, or sentence length. While terms that exist in both languages are translated, new words are produced for words that do not have equivalents in the target language. On the one hand, localization is occasionally utilized to improve the application's engagement with the target audience. In addition, the power of translation to call to action the receiver is also utilized.

Why Should You Have Your Mobile Application Translated?

Supposing that you have developed an application and you want this application to be used in many countries. Or you have a company, and you want this company to go global. One of the first things you need to do to achieve these goals is to have your application translated. You will not only promote your application but also have the opportunity to promote and sell your products and services through a single medium. You will have the opportunity to reach the growing number of mobile users more easily through mobile applications, and at the same time, increase the number of your customers. In other words, you will globalize, increase your sales rate, and have a wider customer portfolio. After you get the mobile application translation service, you can utilize advertising tools in multiple languages and make a profit. You can be recognized even in a country on the other side of the world thanks to translation, and you can ensure that other countries have information about your products and services.

Think about social media applications. Is it not true that advertising gets involved now and then? With a single click, you can access a variety of options, see the products of a firm based in England or Spain, and even purchase products from those companies if you wish. All of these are possible thanks to a mobile application translation performed by an experienced language service provider.

What Should You Do If You Want to Have Your Mobile Application Translated?

If you want to use a mobile application translation service, it will be helpful for you to follow these steps:

  • You should share detailed information about your application with the language service provider.
  • If there is an existing terminology or glossary, you should provide them to your service provider. In this way, terms will be coherent and a more relevant service will be provided for your request.
  • You should systematically share all written content related to the mobile application with your service provider.
  • You should keep your communication strong with the language service provider you prefer to work with. You should work with translators where necessary and guide them when needed.
  • You must provide the necessary information about the target audience, target culture and target age group to the provider prior to the translation. This information will enable your translation to be conveyed more effectively to the determined audience.

You should inform your service provider of the style you want to adopt for your application. Word choice, language use, and length of sentence will be decided according to the determined style.

Things to Consider During Mobile Application Translation

Things to consider for mobile application translation, given its reach: the translation should be correct, complete, not exceed the required length, and comply with the rules of the information technology field. Style is also a factor that needs attention, as applications have a function that calls the receiver to action. The translator should have a good understanding of the purpose of the application and the company, take into account the target audience and culture, and make choices accordingly. The translator should establish strong communication with the customer and must work with the customer if needed to translate some terms. Due to the differences between language structures, the translator also localizes where it is necessary. The type of mobile application is also a factor that affects the translation. For example, the translation and style of health care applications will differ from that of photo-sharing applications, or e-book applications. Different elements come into play in different places and the translator makes relevant choices.

Which Criteria Are Used When Determining Mobile Application Translation Prices?

It would not be correct to talk about a fixed fee for mobile application translation. Because during the mobile application translation or software translation, many different factors are taken into account. Factors such as the source language of the text that is going to be translated, the target language and culture, whether a localization service will be provided or not, and the urgency of the translation may cause changes in price. At the same time, different translation companies or translation offices may charge differently. That is why it is important to choose your service provider wisely, considering your preferences, needs, and budget. If you want to work with a reliable language service provider for your mobile application translation, you can visit helico.com.tr/, contact HeliCo Translation and request a quote.

Author: Gamze Korkmaz

Date of Publication: 09/16/2021

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