We provide translation services to many industries, and, to do this professionally, we understand the details of each industry. Marketing is one of the top three industries for which we provide translation services.

In addition to good command of translation language pairs for marketing translations, other factors also play a role. It is essential to know the nuances of both cultures, the characteristics and marketing strategies of the company requesting the marketing translation, to understand the characteristics of the target audience of the translation, to know the factors that will affect the target audience, and to be able to use the language creatively. Our creative translation services come into play at this stage. Creative translation, or generally referred to as “transcreation”, requires the translator to understand and use the source and target languages proficiently and to have the above-mentioned qualities. Creative translation often requires thinking of meanings not found in dictionaries.

Before working with creative translation, we ask the following questions:

  • What is the product or service to be marketed?
  • What are the characteristics of this product or service’s target audience?
  • Under which brand name is the product or service offered?
  • How is the brand perception?
  • How do you want the brand to be perceived in the target culture?

These questions must be answered before handling creative translation. Because this is not about writing the equivalent and expression of words exactly, but instead it is about trying to understand what meaning the words and expressions convey. Then, the words and expressions most appropriate for the target audience are carefully selected.

Large-scale companies often request creative translation for advertising texts, which more than one translator can work on together. Creative translation delivers texts that contain the meaning of the source text and are enriched with the cultural characteristics of the target audience. We contact and consult with the client to find the most suitable meaning.

The playing field widens when producing creative translation for marketing texts compared to the translation services we provide in different sectors. This is because we act not based on the source text and the expression styles the text uses but instead based on the structure of the target language, the characteristics of the target audience and its culture, and the brand perception of the company requesting creative translation. We diversify expressions used as needed, and we localize or globalize texts based on the given criteria.

Given all the products offered and used by foreign brands, we realize how much creative translation takes place in our lives and how much it affects us. Creative translators have a significant effect on the brands that enter our homes. We are here to help you enter your target market with your brand with collaboration made possible through the creative translators and quality assurance specialists on our team.


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