Localization services refer to the process of adapting content to a specific target audience, culture, language, industry, or market. Localization services require knowledge in the target culture and language and in all target elements, and language proficiency to convey this information.

Unlike written translation services, in which elements of the source text such as technical translation, legal translation, and medical translation, must be transferred literally to the source, localization offers the following:

  • Adapting slogans to the target culture,
  • Rearranging graphics according to the target market,
  • Translating and editing content in a foreign language with consideration of the expectations and habits of the local market,
  • Rewriting usages, such as measurement units and conversions, specific to certain countries and regions based on local requirements,
  • Using date and address information and numerical content based on the target audience,
  • Aligning content with local legal regulations.

Any localized text contains cultural characteristics that the reader is accustomed to. In localization, the text is cleansed of foreign language elements as necessary and is adapted to the target audience based on the criteria mentioned above. We think about how to adapt elements in the source text to the target language and culture when offering localization service. It is not necessary to preserve the author's narrative style, unlike book translations, when this service is required. Instead, the aim is to get products or services closer to the target user. Because of these characteristics, localization services are frequently used globally when the importance of the individual increases. Localization services are usually needed in the advertising industry and commercial activities. Localization services are therefore in demand for marketing translations, advertising translations, website translations, and software translations


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