Technical Translation

The technical sector incorporates facilities at which engines, machinery, robots, vehicles, mechanical parts, computers, and many more products are manufactured. It emerged to meet various domestic and foreign technical needs.

All across the world today are technical sectors with varying degrees of development. The products these technical sectors produce and their production methods, volumes, and principles may differ in many regards. Competition among technical sectors is similar. The terminologies for companies that engage in technical production can resemble one another. This increases the importance of professional technical translation services.

In the technical sector, keeping technical terminology alive in its current form and sharing it with different countries and cultures is possible with the help of almost a hundred years of experience thanks to professional translation services that have mastered the sector. From process documents to user manual translations, from multinational production to logistics services, technical translation services are critical at all stages and profoundly influence the language of the technical sector.

At HeliCo Translation, we perform technical translations with a mastery of technical terminology and according to the intended purpose. Our team of professional translators knows how to translate technical writing to be free of ambiguities, instantly understandable, and not to be open to interpretation based on the nature of the text and focuses on performing consistent and accurate translations, utilizing the glossaries and translation memories we have created over the years for each brand. It is with this team that we continue to contribute to the technical sector at HeliCo Translation.