Written translation services are provided by our translators, who have been chosen upon successfully completing various professional tests, work on their own subject matter, and have a good command of your text’s subject and related terminology. Our translators not only translate your text from one language to another but also employ different translation techniques according to the type, context, and usage area of the text and the characteristics of the target audience. We generally use a Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool that suits the characteristics of the task in hand. We also provide top-quality translation services by conducting field research and creating glossaries.

Thanks to our years of experience, we have updated and enhanced our internal workflow to provide you with higher quality translation services. Regardless of the text’s subject and type, we implement the following stages before finalizing written translations of the texts you send us: Once we fully understand your request and obtain your approval to perform the task in hand, your files will be prepared by our DTP (desktop publishing) experts to be processed for written translation, and our experienced translators draw up an instruction file using your instructions specific to your task. We also may request similar written translation documents that you have previously translated to use as a reference. We create a special translation glossary for you. After assigning your files prepared for the translation process to a suitable CAT tool, we create a project for your task. We then assign this task to the most suitable translator via our project management tool. Once the translation stage is finalized, we implement various quality assurance techniques to verify the quality of the translation, and a second translator checks your document. During the quality assurance stage, we make sure to utilize the best quality assurance tools. We remain in contact with the translator who finalized the translation, and we may make requests to improve the quality. After quality assurance is completed, our DTP specialists ensure that your files match their original versions in terms of form, and we complete the layout perfection process. During this stage, we may request revisions from the translator in texts such as software translation or advertising text translation if needed. We implement these processes for all translation tasks, large or small.

We provide written translation services in the following language pairs: English Turkish translation, German Turkish translation, French Turkish translation, Spanish Turkish translation, Italian Turkish translation, Russian Turkish translation, Ukrainian Turkish translation, Polish Turkish translation, Greek Turkish translation, Arabic Turkish translation, Persian Turkish translation, Kurdish Turkish translation, Georgian Turkish translation, Armenian Turkish translation, Azerbaijani Turkish translation, Turkmen Turkish translation, Japanese Turkish translation, Chinese Turkish translation, German English translation, French English translation, Spanish English translation, Italian English translation, Russian English translation, Ukrainian English translation, Polish English translation, Greek English translation, Arabic English translation, Persian English translation, Kurdish English translation, Georgian English translation, Armenian English translation, Azerbaijani English translation, Turkmen English translation, Japanese English translation, Chinese English translation


We believe that it is necessary to be an expert in these areas to satisfy you with our translation services in different fields. We know that not every translator can translate in every language pair or area of expertise. For this reason, we make sure to deliver your work to you through the right hands by having translators in our company who can translate in different areas of expertise.

Our translators’ areas of expertise for written translation services are as follows:

  • Legal translation (court decisions, legal correspondence, laws and regulations, patent applications, agreements, powers of attorney, declarations, court documents, licenses, marriage certificates and birth certificates, driving license, diploma and divorce certificates, deeds of consent, written warnings, testaments, title deeds, and EU legislation)
  • Economic translation
  • Medical translation
  • Commercial translation
  • Technical translation
  • Finance and banking translation
  • Information technology translation
  • Academic translation (theses, research texts, expert studies, articles, etc.)
  • Official document translation (including notarization)
  • Construction and architecture translation
  • Brochure and catalogue translation
  • Patent translation
  • Website translation
  • Advertising translation
  • Tourism translation
  • Sworn translation services


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Why HeliCo?

Broaden up to the world thanks to our services given by our professional team of translators, project managers and by using the advanced translation technologies.

  • Accessibility and quick response
  • Best translators, proofreaders, and editors
  • Receiving service easily at affordable prices, and peace of mind
  • High quality service with quality control process and continuous corporate trainings
  • Opportunities to monitor the process and to have control over all processes
  • Low cost and time savings through direct service