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How is Marketing Translation Done and When is Marketing Translation Required?

One of the most popular areas of professional translation services today, when the growth in technological developments continues to shrink the world, the is marketing and sales sector. 

What Makes Marketing Translation Different?

Perhaps the biggest difference that separates marketing translation from legal or literary translation is that it is directly linked to trade. Translating marketing materials is also important here. Marketing translations create additional scene that transforms the global showcase of companies and brands without deviating from its essence. In this context, we can consider advertising translation a professional translation services that runs parallel to marketing translation.

Things to Consider During Marketing Translation

Companies that conduct global marketing campaigns place a distinct emphasis on translations in the field of marketing. Companies that want to increase their income and gain valuable international recognition in an immaterial sense constantly need professional translation services in the field of marketingIn this field, translation plays a major role in promoting and marketing companies' products or services. Hence, you must consider many different elements in marketing translation:

  • In this process, the first step for an translator specialized in marketing is to get familiar with the brand and its content.
  • The second step is to correctly understand its purpose and target audience. In this way, expert marketing translators provide professional translation services to respond to the demands and needs of the brand.

How to Translate Marketing Texts?

As in other types of translation, translators consider the differences in meaning between the source and target languages while performing marketing translations. Conducting literal marketing translations can produce meanings far from the actual content. Even if the word in the source language is translated correctly into the target language, it may deviate from the essence of the subject. Marketing translations that do not comply with their purpose or are completed poorly can lead to negative impressions about brands. What we should discuss here is that translator, who is an expert in marketing could also use his or her creativity to correctly and naturally convey the messages in the source language to the target audience. For this, you must conduct preliminary research about the target audience, country, or region where the company plans to release a product or service before starting the marketing translation. A sentence that is comical in one language may be vulgar in another. In this case, a false perception of the product or service will be created for potential customers. In addition to numerous idioms and patterns in various languages, traditional, religious, and sociocultural differences are too numerous to be overlooked. From this perspective, preliminary research on the target language and culture will benefit marketing translations more effectively and efficiently. We can say here that marketing translations are one of the most important aspects of localization.

Visual Materials in Marketing Translation

In marketing translations, visual materials such as brochures, packaging, and illustrated product introductions all have an important place. As companies increasing make their voices heard around the world thanks to technologies such as the Internet, we see that people have different perspectives on colors and symbols in addition to linguistic and literary differences. In Western cultures, for example, the color white symbolizes purity and peace, while it represents death and bad luck in some Asian countries, where white is traditionally worn at funerals. The color black can express both rebirth and mourning in the Middle East. In Indonesia, green is traditionally banned, while in Mexico it is a national color, representing independence.

Importance of Marketing Translation

By placing importance on such details, expert marketing translators prevent the possibility of creating a negative perception of the brand within the target audience. Professional translation services conducted by expert marketing translators strengthen brand identity on a global scale and shape its future.

Which Criteria Are Used when Determining Marketing Translation Prices? How Do the Marketing Translation Prices Differ?

Many different factors are taken into account when determining the marketing translation prices. For this reason, factors may differ according to each translation company. Prices are calculated according to criteria such as the language of the text to be translated, the target language, the number of words, how much time the translation will take, and the level of urgency. That is why it is important to determine your needs correctly with your service provider.

Written By: Esra Çengel

Date of Publication: 01/30/2020

Target Audience: All Translators, People Who Need Translation Services

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