Our Interview on TV8

We invited the team from Şehirde Gündem (City Agenda) program, broadcast on TV8, to our office in Antalya. We enjoyed a lovely day and a pleasant conversation.

Ebru Destan: HeliCo Translation, in Antalya, hosts Şehirde Gündem. Let's see what they told us about languages and translation.

Hello from Antalya. There is a tiny problem that remains unsolved today as we become increasingly global and transnational: language. But for this, we have valuable translators. We are now in the HeliCo Translation office, and beside me is company owner, Ms. Demirörs. Hello.

Burcu Demirörs: Hello, welcome to our office.

Ebru Destan: Thank you. We would first like to get to know you.

Burcu Demirörs: Of course, my name is Burcu Demirörs. I am a translator and an interpreter specialized in English, German, and Turkish. I am also a certified translator and simultaneous interpreter. I graduated from Dokuz Eylul University and then received simultaneous interpreting training at Hacettepe University. And I have been in this sector since 2009.

Ebru Destan: How was HeliCo founded?

Burcu Demirörs: HeliCo was founded with two partners in Izmir. While establishing our company, we were aware of the poor practices in the market and the shortcomings of the sector. We rolled up our sleeves, aiming to find solutions at our company to these problems.

We have always adopted the principle of growing our team and improving ourselves to be useful to more people.

Our biggest achievement is our clients, who receive our services and leave happy and satisfied. Because only then, we believe that what we do serves a purpose.

Ebru Destan: What kind of services do you offer?

Burcu Demirörs: We mostly provide written and verbal translation services. In addition to these, we offer other language-related services. Some of them include transcription, technical and academic article writing, content creation, and audio recording and subtitle translation for corporate promotional videos and documentaries.

Briefly, I can say that we are the secret heroes of the written and verbal content for the products you use, the movies you watch, and the things you consume.

I should also say that we constantly monitor recent developments around the world and use the latest technology, Computer Aided Translation Tools—in other words, software—in our services. This allows us to quickly provide more affordable services and takes us one step ahead of our competitors.

Ebru Destan: Who is your target audience? Who are you addressing?

Burcu Demirörs: We provide services to individuals, institutions, and organizations that require the services I have just mentioned. Many of our clients are commercial businesses. Additionally, we address a wide audience, including companies that engage in manufacturing and trade, information technology companies, e-commerce companies, telecommunication companies, chambers that organize conferences and symposiums, organizations and municipalities, clients who need simultaneous interpretation or certified and notarized translations.

Ebru Destan: What is your biggest dream, and what are the projects that you wish to achieve?

Burcu Demirörs: Our dreams and what we want to do generally include to be a leading and reliable company that everyone mentions favorably and wants to work with again, and to represent our country on various international platforms. I believe that we will advance down this path.

Ebru Destan: What are the best aspects of the profession?

Burcu Demirörs: It guides you to learn constantly, to follow what is going on in the world, and to exceed your limits. You may find yourself gaining more knowledge about subjects that you would not generally prefer to read.

And, thanks to our profession, we grow familiar with different cultures and people of different backgrounds. This makes us open to innovation and improvement. We are lucky to have such a job.

Ebru Destan: Thank you very much.

Burcu Demirörs: Thank you. Thank you for coming.

Date: May 18, 2018