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Software Translation Services

Software Translation Services

With the emergence of a global working environment, the Internet has eliminated all borders, facilitating companies' access to different markets and opening up local markets around the world. Software, which is an important element of this globalized structure, has been transferred to millions of people with the operation of electronic parts and systems in a certain order. And all of these people will use the software in the same language? Of course, not! Software translation has an important role at this point.

What Is Software Translation?

The software consists of commands and data that provide a computer or system with how to work. It is a general term that covers applications, scripts, and programs running on a device.

Software translation is a service to support users with different languages and cultures by transferring the target language of the text (and any sound) in the software products. The purpose of software translation is to create a local experience for users in the target language. It improves people's interaction with the software and maximizes revenue and allows companies to release their products while offering existing software to the world. Software localization is usually provided before the release of new products or for a more complete rendering of existing products.

What Is the Importance of Software Translation?

Many companies aim to reach out to more people to increase their customer portfolio and want to localize the software they develop for this purpose. Software localization is a key component of intensive competition in the software industry.

An error made in the localization process may prevent the software from functioning correctly. The localization effort offered by just a software translator can result in errors. Therefore, the translation process should not compromise the functionality of the software and should be provided by an expert team.

Is It Software Translation or Software Localization?

Although translation and localization are often used interchangeably, localization is a special service name given to the translation made by considering all the distinctive elements of the target language and culture. Translating software texts and scripts may sometimes not be enough. Because in the translation process of software, the country's beliefs, values, and culture need to be taken into account. In this case, localization comes into play. It is important to have the software localized as well as to translate.

The main purpose of software localization should be to increase the availability of the software and address the client in their culture and language. In this context, it is much more accurate to get support for a software localization service instead of a software translation. This will make the software more functional and directly relevant to the target culture.

How Is Software Translation Done?

There are some important steps that need to be taken in order to offer software translation and localization services for requested purposes. When translating the software, the source file of the software must be resolved well, the software analysis must be performed, and the parts that are not supposed to be translated must be specifically determined. Software translators who specialize in software localization should recognize the code in your software's interface. The localization project begins by providing detailed instructions. After the software localization process is completed, quality checks are performed on the target text.

Finally, the software is tested after localized text content has been integrated into the software interface. During this test, all parts of the software are examined to ensure that the text lengths, context, and target culture are met, and edits are made if necessary.

What Are the Key Points to Consider for Software Translation?

Software localization is a comprehensive process just like the development of software. Therefore, localization in this field should be provided by software translators who are capable of the encoding language of the software and terminology in the service area, proofreading, and quality assurance studies should still be entrusted to expert translators in this sense. Any errors that may occur, such as the loss of punctuation during software translation, may prevent the software from functioning correctly.

Before the software translation or software localization service is offered, the service provider needs the following information:

  • The language used by the related company (if there is a company that requests software translation),

  • Countries where the software will be released,

  • The target user group of the software,

  • Product usage preferences of the target audience,

  • Special terms requested by the client or company.

The primary purpose of the software localization service is to provide a natural experience to the user. Failure to use the language incorrectly or inadequately would cause the target to be unattainable, such as the inability to correctly transmit the code.

In Which Fields Is Software Translation Most Needed?

It is possible to mention software and software translation across a wide range of usage areas, from desktop gaming to mobile gaming to CRM, HR, and finance programs. The fields where software translation is needed most are:

  • Systems such as ERP, CRM, HIS, GLIMS, RIS, MIPS, PACS, Intranet,

  • Websites,

  • Mobile applications,

  • User interfaces (UI),

  • Database software.

Who Needs Software Translation Services?

Anyone who wants to launch their product in overseas markets or wants the system they use to be used elsewhere in the world can get software localization services to reach more people.

Why Get a Software Translation Service?

Software localization service enables you to expand your pool of potential customers and make the software more widely available. For this reason, it is important for you to determine your needs with your service provider.

HeliCo Translation makes your life easier with a robust infrastructure and expert translators for your needs on information technology and software translation.  You can contact us when you need translation services as if to get help from an in-house translation department. We will meet all your expectations in the best way.

Written By: Gamze Korkmaz

Date of Publication: 01.25.2023

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