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Frequently Asked Questions About Desktop Publishing

What Is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop publishing (DTP) generally refers to the process of preparing media such as books, magazines, newspapers, and brochures to print or publish using computer software.

With the desktop publishing services, the text and pictures in your documents are arranged using suitable computer software, and then they are meticulously prepared for printing. Desktop publishing was first developed in the 20th century and has become more and more demanded every day.

Desktop publishing services are often used to prevent problems with formatting that may be encountered in the translation of languages with different scripts and alphabets, such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese. Files that look exactly like the original can be created utilizing desktop publishing practices.

How Is Desktop Publishing Performed?

With the desktop publishing services, the text and images in your documents are arranged using suitable computer software, and then carefully prepared for printing. A number of tasks are required to arrange your documents in terms of format and to make your documents ready for publication. These tasks include formatting pages and paragraphs, resizing images and graphics, positioning them optimally, indexing and listing, sorting them in alphabetical order, and converting the document into the desired format.

Within the scope of the desktop publishing service, rearrangements are made in compliance with all the grammar rules of whichever language your document is in. As HeliCo Translation, we can provide top-notch desktop publishing services with our team of experts.

As HeliCo Translation, we provide affordable DTP services with our DTP team consisting of our expert translators, graphic designers and computer programmers for your files in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat, Coreldraw, QuarkXPress, Interleaf, XML, SGML, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe InDesign CS3, Adobe InDesign CS4, Adobe InDesign CS5, Adobe InDesign, AutoCAD, SDL Trados, PagePlus formats.

What are the Desktop Publishing Software?

As in any other field, there is a wide variety of software available today in the field of desktop publishing. There are software specifically developed for DTP, as well as other tools that allow you to perform desktop publishing. Among the existing software, the most preferred are InDesign, which is produced by Adobe, and QuarkXPress. In addition to these software, one can perform DTP directly on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Publisher. Examples of other software are Scribus, IStudio Publisher and Xara Page & Layout Designer.

In Which Languages Can I Get Desktop Publishing Services?

Desktop publishing services are provided in all languages available within HeliCo Translation. Desktop publishing can be requested by our clients on its own or by combining it with a different service such as translation service. As HeliCo Translation, we provide professional DTP services to all of our customers who want to receive desktop publishing services and make their documents ready for publication.

I Want to Provide Desktop Publishing Services, What Should I Know?

In order to provide desktop publishing services, it is necessary to have knowledge of the scope of the service, a good command of the software used, an understanding of the customer's needs, and the ability to present results that meet these needs.

Desktop publishing can involve different steps. In order to digitize your content, some tasks may be required, and the text part in your content may need to be processed by a word processor, as well as the photographs in your content by a specialized program. Professional users often combine these programs with software for desktop publishing, such as Adobe Indesign and QuarkXPress, and get the content that requires DTP ready for printing. Most users who do not work as a professional may prefer other programs that are more user-friendly, such as Microsoft Word and Publisher, and can get the results they want. Your needs will determine the software and tools you use.

I Want My Book To Be Prepared For Publication, What Should I Do?

Desktop publishing services may be required at various stages of your book's preparation for publication. You can receive DTP services after your book's proofreading and editing stages have been completed, or you can receive this service after your book's text content has been prepared. You can also receive professional desktop publishing services by contacting HeliCo Translation's expert DTP team for editing and publishing your book in multiple languages.

If you need DTP services for your book, you should provide the necessary information, such as how many pages your book consists of and the word density on the pages, to your language service provider. If you will need additional services such as translation, proofreading or editing, you should also provide information about how many words are in your book consist of. Furthermore, if you have a specific deadline for your book to be completed, please let us know prior to that date.

How Are Desktop Publishing Fees Determined?

In the desktop publishing services, as in other services, the total fee is determined over a unit fee. When determining desktop publishing fees factors, such as the number of pages or slides, the number of tables or images in your files, are taken into consideration. Therefore, when you need this service, it would be best to get a quote by submitting your files to us.

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Date of Publication: 05/27/2021

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