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Frequently Asked Questions About Localization

What Is Localization?

Localization is also known as “language localization”. Localization refers to the process of adapting content to a specific target audience, culture, language, sector, or market. Contrary to other translation services, the texts are made suitable for the target audience and culture with the help of the localization services. Thus, a localized text incorporates the cultural aspects that the reader is accustomed to.

Arrangements of measurement units, colours, words, fonts, signs, and many other elements according to the local culture are called as "localization method in translation". Localization is a method that can be used in line with customers' instructions and goals.

How Is Localization Performed?

Localization ensures that the text presented as the source text can be put into a format that is appropriate to the cultural values, habits, language usage structure of the target audience, and idioms and proverbs present in the culture. At the same time, it must be ensured that the elements such as the measurement units, unit of length, temperature unit, date writing method, decimal number writing format used in the text to be localized must be conveyed to the target audience in an accurate and clear manner. For example, all measurement units in an user's manual of a product for the Turkish market from the USA must be converted to adapt to the metric system.

During localization, the text is cleansed of foreign language elements as necessary and is adapted to the target audience. Localization services require knowledge in the target culture, language and all the elements related to the target audience, and language proficiency to convey this knowledge. It is important to understand that incorrect or inadequate localization will not be comprehended by the target audience, causing the debasement of the customer's reputation.

Why Is Localization Needed?

Freedom of globalization, especially in the trade sector, has the obligation of appealing to the local user. All companies, either large, medium and small, compete with each other to adapt to the market they enter, to appeal to the customer of the local market and to dominate these local markets. Localization is one of the biggest criteria to gain domination over the competition between companies.

The following are the most frequently used areas of the localization services:

  • Adapting slogans to the target culture,
  • Rearranging graphics according to the target market,
  • Translating and editing the foreign content with consideration of the expectations and habits of the local market,
  • Adapting items such as measurement units and conversions, specific to countries and regions based on local requirements,
  • Using date and address information and numerical content based on the target audience,
  • Aligning content with local legal regulations.

Who Needs Localization Services?

The aim of localization services is to make products or services more familiar to the target user. Localization services are preferred by many companies to appeal to various audiences and markets. Although this services are commonly used in the advertising and marketing sectors, any company that wants to appeal to target audiences in different languages can utilize localization services. Localization is utilized for fields such as marketing text translation, advertising translation, website translation or software translation.

How Are Localization Fees Determined?

There are many factors taken into consideration when determining localization feesLocalization service fees are based on the language of the text to be localized, the target language, the number of words, the time it takes to complete localization and the level of urgency. For this reason, it is important for you to determine your needs with your service provider. You can contact us to get detailed information about localization services.

Author: Göksun Kocagöz

Date of Publication: 24/06/2021

Target Audience: People Who Need Localization Services, Translators

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