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Frequently Asked Questions About Subtitle Translation

What Is Subtitle Translation?

Subtitle translation is a service whose value is increasing day by day, especially with the developments in the media sector and the ease of access to video content. Subtitle is the display of a text in the target language on the screen at the same time as an image or audio in a different language.

Although subtitle translation is often associated with movies and television series, as a result of globalization, it is also used by companies who want to be a part of this globalization era and appeal to audiences in different languages. Companies who want to provide their content, such as advertising videos and e-learning videos, in different languages can appeal to a wide audience by using subtitle translation.

Content creators who want to reach a wider audience on YouTube and other social media platforms, where thousands of new content are uploaded every minute, can use subtitles to highlight their content.

What Is the Purpose of Subtitle Translation?

The purpose of the subtitle translation service is to deliver audio or video media professionally not only in the language of the media but also to target audiences in other languages. That is why choosing the right option is important for getting a top-notch subtitle translation service. The fact that the subtitle translation is performed by professional translation agencies and experienced translators will always set you apart from your competitors.

Subtitling translation can be done by professional translators who specialize in this area. For translating subtitles, it is not enough to have a good understanding of both the source and target languages. It is also necessary to have a good understanding of subtitle translation programs and to know how to translate subtitles.

Subtitle translation is a complex service that requires a different set of skills. Top-notch subtitle translation requires experience, especially in this field. When providing subtitle translation services, the link to the original content should be maintained on the one hand, while the target culture must be considered on the other. The socio-cultural characteristics of the target audience of the subtitle are also taken into consideration. Localization is mostly avoided in subtitle translation, and care is taken not to lose the cultural characteristics of the source material and to convey these characteristics to the target culture in the most natural way possible. Subtitles created by translators who comply with these requirements are constantly in the foreground and increase the visibility of the content.

How To Translate Subtitles?

Preliminary preparation by the subtitle translator prior to performing the subtitle translation contributes to quality subtitle translation. First of all, the most significant differences between the source language and the target language are determined. Afterwards, the socio-cultural characteristics of the source audience and target audience are examined and any differences that may affect the translation are identified. Additionally, watching the recording in its original language with the source language subtitles makes it easier for the subtitle translator to have full knowledge of the subject and to create a more accurate translation.

To translate subtitles, the translator must first carefully examine the media in the source language. Performing subtitle translation without seeing the image or listening to the audio in the content to be translated, which is called "blind translation", is unacceptable. When translation is done this way, without seeing or listening to the media, it is inevitable that the translation will be inaccurate.

While examining the media in the source language, the translator takes note of ambiguous words and determines the meaning of these words in context. The translator creates a text in the source language to be translated and performs the necessary timing process. This timing process, in which translators take note of when dialogues take place, is called "time-coding". The key to successful subtitle translation is to get the timing right. The translator uses subtitle programs to determine which image or sound should be displayed in which time stamp of the media.

It is very important to stick to the length of the source text when determining the time frame in which the subtitle will be displayed. For example, a sentence that takes two seconds to say in the source text cannot be translated so that it takes four seconds to read when displayed on the screen. The translation programs that the translator uses help them in this regard and warn them if the translation is too long.

The emphasis on dialogues is extremely important in subtitle translation. It is essential to correctly determine the length of the sentence and the emphasis in the sentence and to reflect this in the target language. Additionally, making sure spelling and punctuation are correct is key.

Which Programs Are Used for Subtitle Translation?

Here are the most used programs for subtitle translation:

  • Subtitle Workshop
  • Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor
  • Subtitle Edit
  • Gaupol Subtitle Editor
  • Jubler Subtitle Editor

Why Add Subtitles to Videos?

Subtitle translation has become a most in today's world, where you can reach millions of people through social media platforms. Adding subtitles to your videos allows you to reach not only target audiences in the language of the media but also target audiences in other languages Subtitles created by professional subtitle translators make a significant difference in the accessibility and quality of your video.

Subtitle translation is frequently used by our customers who aim to target audiences from many languages all over the world. You can receive this service from HeliCo Translation’s experienced subtitle translators.

How Are Subtitle Translation Fees Determined?

There are many factors taken into consideration when determining subtitle translation fees. Fees are based on the language of the text to be translated, the target language, the length of the video, how long you need the translation to be completed, and the level of urgency. For this reason, it is important for you to determine your needs with your service provider. You can contact us to get professional subtitle translation service and to learn more about the subtitle translation fees.

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Date of Publication: 05/27/2021

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