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Frequently Asked Questions About Sworn Translation

What Is Sworn Translation? What Is Sworn Interpretation?

In general, sworn translation is the name given to translations performed and approved by sworn translators. Sworn translators affix their signatures under the translated document to certify that they have performed the translation in accordance with the original and are legally responsible for this translation.

Sworn translation services are provided by sworn translation offices and sworn translators, and it is correlated with notarization. To be accepted as a notarized translation, a document must be translated by a sworn translator who is recognized by the notary public who will certify that translation.

Who Is Sworn Translator?

A sworn translator is the name given to translators who are experts in their fields and who can prove this expertise with documents such as university diplomas and certificates, and receive this title after fulfilling the necessary requirements. To become a sworn translator, a translator must sign a translator's notary report (certificate of oath) in the presence of a notary public and take an oath in the presence of a notary public stating that they will perform all translations by staying true to the original of the document, without seeking any benefit or harm with the encouragement or threat of anyone.

What Is the Difference Between Sworn Translation and Non-Sworn Translation?

The difference between sworn translation services and other translation services is that a sworn translator is involved in the translation of the documents, including editing, and the documents are then certified by a notary public who recognizes that translator. At the end of this process, these documents have legal validity.

Organizations such as consulates, notaries, foreign courts, and insurance companies do not regard translations that are not sworn and often not notarized to be sufficient and require them to be performed by a sworn translator. Sworn translators are legally responsible for their translations, so they can be relied on to perform complete and accurate translations.

What Should You Do to Get Sworn Translation Service?

You are requested to submit the original copies of the documents you want to be translated to the translation office. Notary publics and sworn translators must see the original copies of the documents under which they affix their signatures. In addition, if possible, we recommend that you submit the correct and readable scanned format of your documents to the office where you will get sworn translation service. If you are not able to do this, you may request that the sworn translation office do it for you. Translation documents that look exactly the same as your original documents can be created by submitting the documents to a sworn translator in digital format.

When getting a sworn translation service, instead of taking a picture of your original documents by your phone, you can choose to submit the correct and readable scanned format of your documents to a sworn translation office, and then go to the notary public as directed by the translation office and having your documents, which have been prepared in accordance with notarization, notarized yourself. In this case, you should not forget to take your original copies of your documents with you in order to get a notarization.

In order to speed up matters, you can also ask the sworn translation office to have it notarized. In this case, you can submit your original documents to the translation office from the start and receive your translated and notarized documents alongside your original copies. In this way, you can get sworn translation services from anywhere in the world, including different cities in Turkey or locations far from notary publics.

What Is Notarization? How to Get Notarization?

Notarization (notary approval) is a form of approval determined by some institutions as a requirement in addition to the sworn translation approval. Notarization is the approval of those translations performed by sworn translators who have a certificate of oath in the notary public, are made in line with the original by the notary public after the translation is completed.

What Is Apostille? How To Get Apostille?

Apostille refers to the verification by which the authorities of the country where the signatory person or institution is located verify the authenticity of a signature on a document and confirm that it truly belongs to that person. The document called Apostille was put into practice internationally with the 1961 Hague Convention. Currently, there are 118 countries implementing this convention. In accordance with this convention, which Turkey became a member of on September 29, 1985, the Apostille is given “free of charge” by district governorships or governorships depending on the administrative structure of the city.

Can Apostille Be Translated? How Is Apostille Translation Done?

Apostille is a document agreed with international conventions and consist of explanations in multiple languages. However, the state authorities who wrote these explanations generally prefer to prepare Apostille in their own language, Apostille translation is a frequently needed service. Apostilles that have been translated as sworn or notarized and whose accuracy can be proven can have international validity.

While performing an Apostille translation, in order for the translation to be recognized by the relevant country's official authorities, it is necessary to translate the document in accordance with the original, and complete and accurate manner, as well as to use nationally valid authorities and institutions in the translation. As HeliCo Translation, we provide Apostille translation and sworn translation services for all of your needs with our sworn translators.

How Are Notary Fees Determined?

Notary publics comply with the price list determined annually by the Ministry of Justice in all notary approval procedures, including notary approval for sworn translations. All notary publics are affiliated with the Notaries Union of Turkey, thus preventing price differences between them. Sworn translators or sworn translation offices have no influence on notary fees.

In the translation notary approval processes, notary publics generally prefer to give a price after examining the translation of the document. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to calculate the notary fee with a document that has not yet been translated. We recommend that you get a translation of the document for which you want a price for notary approval first and then apply to a notary to get a price.

It should be noted that the sworn translation fees and the notary approval fees are not the same. The fee you pay to the notary public and the fee you pay for the sworn translation services is different from each other, and the notarization fee is not included in the sworn translation fee.

Are Sworn Translation Fees Different From Other Translation Fees?

In notarized translations, a statement declaring that the content on that page has been "fully and correctly translated" is added to each page of the document, and this statement is signed and approved by the translator. Due to this additional responsibility, sworn translation services are charged differently compared to other translation services. By contacting HeliCo Translation, you can get help in deciding how you want your documents translated and get a quote for both services.

How Are Sworn Translation Fees Determined?

Sworn translation and sworn interpretation services can be provided for any type and category of documents. Whereas sworn translation is often requested for legal documents, it is possible to perform sworn translation for a patent specification. For this reason, the sworn translation price, as in all other documents, is determined depending on the nature of the document. You can easily get a quote by contacting HeliCo Translation.

By sending your document to us, you can get a quote on sworn translation in a very short time, and you can get professional sworn translation service with the sworn translation price determined prior to the translation.

Author: Göksun Kocagöz

Date of Publication: 24/06/2021

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