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Frequently Asked Questions About Technical Writing

What Is Technical Writing?

Technical writing involves the writing of texts with technical content, such as user manuals, technical instructions, etc., by people who are experts in the subject. Technical writing services refer to the process of determining the type, subject, scope, purpose, and target audience of the document and creating relevant content

User's manuals, quality/warrant certificates, and other documents with different purposes written in fields such as medicine, engineering, information technologies, energy, electrical/electronics, construction, telecommunications, space sciences, automotive, biology and textile can be given as an example for technical texts.

Who Is A Technical Writer?

A technical writer is a professional copywriter who is an expert in their field, has a good command of technical jargon and terminology, understands the characteristics of the target audience and edits the text accordingly. A technical writer, like any other service, cannot be expected to be an expert in more than one field. Professional technical writers specialize in one or more topics and create technical texts in these fields.

The person who provides technical writing services should have a good command of the language in which the technical content is created, the ability to express, a good command of the technical equipment and programs needed to create content, and technical knowledge in the field in which they provide technical writing services.

Technical writers often create texts in which complex information is simplified so that it may be understood by anybody. Because of this, technical writers must be proficient in both writing and communication, as the content they created will reach a wide target audience.

Who Needs Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a service that is in high demand across all sectors, which make use of technical texts. Technical writing services have a significant role in many parts of the world, especially in industrially developed countries. Technical writing services that require expertise are used to make the manufactured products usable and therefore preferable for the end-user. As a result, the efficiency of the products is increased, the service life of the products is extended, and the dangers associated with misuse are avoided.

Technical writing is a globally needed service, so it is available in multiple languages. Technical texts written by expert technical writers are translated into other languages as needed and made suitable for target audiences in other languages. Technical translation services, it is ensured that technical documents are easily accessible to target audiences in all requested languages, and companies' global reputation is improved.

As HeliCo Translation, we provide top-notch technical writing and technical translation services with our professional technical writers and technical translators.

What Should Be Considered in Technical Writing?

The most important thing in technical writing is having knowledge of information about the content and the subject of the document. Since the information conveyed by the technical writer is intended for a specific audience and purpose, it must be accurate, understandable, complete, and detailed.

Other things to consider in technical writing include:

  • The language should be plain, direct and neutral in technical texts.
  • Terms used in the text should be appropriate to the field and the target audience, and there should be no inconsistencies in terms within the text.
  • The sentences should be fluent, leave no room for interpretation, and are not misleading.
  • Passive voice should be used instead of active voice in sentences.
  • Professional and formal language should always be used.
  • The format of the document must be consistent and clear.
  • If it is to be used, it must be assured that the images, charts, and warnings are correctly and precisely inserted.
  • There should be no grammatical, logical, mathematical or conceptual errors.

How Are Technical Writing Fees Determined?

There are many factors taken into consideration when determining technical writing fees. Fees are based on the language of the technical text to be written, the target language (if the technical translation is to be made), the number of words, the time it takes to complete the technical text, and the level of urgency. For this reason, it is important for you to determine your needs with your service provider.

To get technical writing services from professional technical writers for your needs, you can contact HeliCo Translation's expert team.

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Date of Publication: 06/24//2021

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