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What Is Transcription? What Is Transcription About?

Transcription refers to the process of converting previously recorded audio content into written form. Transcription is usually carried out for the purpose of speeches to form evidence or for archival purposes. Transcription services can be preferred on its own or as a preliminary preparation of the content for further processing.

Why Is Transcription Needed?

Transcription services can be considered as a supporting service for different services when needed. For example, prior to subtitle translation, the content is transcribed and the translation is performed on the transcribed text. Transcription is often performed for records such as seminar recordings, panel recordings, symposium recordings, corporate meeting recordings, general assembly recordings, convention recordings, interview recordings, and session recordings. Transcription is required for archiving and/or processing of these records.

Today, transcription is often used in the development of databases, which is called “big data”, of large companies. Voice assistant services such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana, which recognize users' voice commands and process these commands into databases, constantly use transcription. Combining transcription with artificial intelligence technology, these voice assistants become more "intelligent" as they process voice commands into their data. In addition to voice recognition, transcription is also used to understand the complex affix types in different languages. The data obtained from the affix usage of the users is processed into big data.

Who Needs Transcription?

In this day and age, where social media is a fundamental part of our lives, it is critical for content to reach a wide range of audiences. Subtitles are required for YouTube videos, movies, TV series and other video media tools, which are the most consumed content, to reach different audiences and transcription services are utilized to create these subtitles. Companies that want their content to appeal to different audiences and markets also prefer transcription services.

You can also benefit from various transcription services such as e-learning content transcription, interview transcription, seminar transcription for your needs. You can get information about professional transcription services for all your needs by contacting HeliCo Translation.

Who Can Do Transcription?

To perform transcription, it is necessary to have a good command of the language of the speakers. Although it is possible to transcribe by leaving tags such as [meaningless], [incomprehensible] in the parts that are not understood in the transcription, this is not a preferred situation in a top-notch transcription. The presence of incomprehensible parts in the transcribed text will result in an incorrect and/or incomplete transcription translation. In order to prevent such loss of meaning, those who will transcribe should have a good understanding of the spoken language and dialect, if any.

People who provide transcription services are not necessarily expected to be translators, but they are expected to have a good command of transcription programs and transcription rules, to have good listening and comprehension skills, to have a good knowledge of grammar rules and the ability to apply them, and to have a command of cultural and linguistic elements.

How To Transcribe?

Transcription service includes converting audio or video recordings in digital media into text using different transcription programs. Considering the subject and language of the content you want to be transcribed, we will assign our most suitable linguist or linguists for this project. Our translators, who are experts in transcription, carefully examine your content and create the transcription text while keeping the source language's grammatical rules and cultural characteristics in mind. As with the other services we offer, transcribed contents are reviewed for quality by our quality assurance managers, who take into account many parameters to guarantee that the transcription is correct and consistent.

All documents, content, records, files, and other documents you submit to us are processed securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy and in compliance with privacy rules. The materials and copies required to deliver the transcription services are never shared with third parties, and the materials can be destroyed upon request immediately after completing the task. Otherwise, your materials are archived for future requests, restricting access in our project management tool and data storage environment, which are not accessible by third parties. As with the other services we offer, protecting the security and personal information is always our top priority in transcription services.

How Long Does It Take To Transcribe a Certain Amount?

In the transcription process, consistency between speaker names and terms used in speech is very important. If there are terms that are difficult to understand and/or the speakers have a broken accent in the recording you submitted to us, additional time is required to transcribe them. Therefore, in transcription and transcription translation services, factors such as intelligibility of the speech, the number of speakers in the recording to be transcribed, and the intensity of background sounds may affect the transcription time.

As HeliCo Translation, we get information about how long your projects for which you need transcription and transcription translation services should take to be completed before the project starts and expand our professional team accordingly when necessary. In this way, we make sure that we can always deliver your transcription projects to you in a timely manner.

Where Is Transcription Used?

Transcription services are needed in various fields. Transcription is generally used to convert the audio in the record into text prior to further processing on the audio files. Transcribed audio files can be used for various purposes, such as creating subtitles for video media, transcription translation for dubbing, recording seminars and meetings, and inputting data into artificial intelligence to improve the user experience.

Events that may require transcription:

  • Conference records
  • Seminar records
  • Workshop records
  • Interview records
  • Panel discussion records
  • Radio broadcast records
  • TV program records
  • News records
  • Movies and CCTV footage
  • Witness testimonies
  • Hearing records
  • Closed hearing records
  • Court records
  • Training records
  • Documentaries
  • Carrier phone records
  • Interviews
  • Various audio recordings

How Are Transcription Fees Determined?

Transcription fees vary according to many factors, such as the length of the recording that was submitted, the number of speakers, language, the quality of the recording, and the accents of the speakers. You can get a quote for your projects by contacting HeliCo Translation to get cost-effective and professional transcription and transcription translation services.

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Date of Publication: 05/27/2021

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