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Have You Ever Considered the Remote Interpreting Service Solution?

With the recent advances in communication technology, demands for online meetings such as video conferencing is increasing day by day, especially in the business world.

Especially in cases where the participants are not able to come together physically or they are required to work remotely due to disaster situations such as earthquakes and outbreaks; remote interpreting service is an indispensable service for events such as conferences, panel meetings, internet seminars and in-house meetings.

Whether your plan is to organize online small business meetings or even international conferences, remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) and remote consecutive interpreting (RCI) services provide fast and effective solutions. Depending on customer needs and conditions, remote conference interpreting service provided through video remote interpreting service (VRI) or over the phone interpretation service (OPI) is often preferred by many companies and institutions because of its lower costs.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting service is the service of translating the speeches made during any conference or meeting from the source language to the target language/languages in real-time and online by remote interpreter/interpreters from different locations. In this way, the speeches and statements made in such events are easily delivered to all participants in many different languages at the international level.

In the remote interpreting service; when the speaker is giving a speech in any language, his/her voice and image are streamed through the web browser and an appropriate online meeting application to the computer of the simultaneous interpreter who locates in another place or even in another country. The simultaneous interpreter sees the speaker on his/her computer screen and hears the speaker's voice clearly.

She/he simultaneously translates the speech to the target language by using a quality headset and a microphone.

Remote Consecutive Interpreting

Unlike the remote simultaneous interpreting service, the remote consecutive interpreting service is performed successive rather than simultaneously. The speaker pauses at the end of a small chapter while speaking, and the consecutive interpreter translates the same chapter in the target language then allows the speaker to continue his/her speech. In the remote consecutive interpreting process, the speaker and the interpreter speak in rotation at short intervals.

Rather than the remote consecutive interpretation, the remote simultaneous interpretation is generally preferred for crowded conferences and seminars in order to use the time more efficiently. On the other hand, both services may be needed in some of these events. The remote simultaneous interpreting service can be used in one part of the event, and the remote consecutive interpreting service in another part.

Benefits of the Remote Interpreting Service

Lower Costs

In conferences or other events where the participants are physically gathered and remote interpreting service is required, various audio equipment such as simultaneous interpretation sound system and the sound isolated simultaneous interpretation booths need to be installed in the conference hall. These kinds of technical arrangements are not required for the remote consecutive interpreting and remote simultaneous interpreting services.

In remote simultaneous interpretation, participants can experience the convenience of listening to the conversation in their own language by downloading the required online conference application and connecting through their smart devices with a fast internet connection. Mobile events are easily implemented with this application that provides audio and video communication through the internet connection. In this way, potential expenses such as transportation and accommodation are eliminated for both participants and interpreters. This also reduces the costs and the carbon emissions and takes the pressure off the event organizers.

Saving Time

Since it can easily be provided by installing the specified application, the remote interpretation service is also ideal for press conferences and similar events, which need to be organized in a short time. It is sufficient for interpreters and participants to have their own smart devices and internet access and to download the required application to organize such mobile events.

Reaching Professional Interpreters

Since interpreters can work remotely from anywhere in the {1>world<1} it gets easier to work with expert simultaneous and consecutive interpreters in accordance with the content and requirements of the meeting. This is a great opportunity when an interpreting service is needed especially for rare languages, dialects or some of other local languages. Additionally; interpreters will not feel extra fatigued as they won’t be needing to travel or to accommodate in different cities in order to take part in the event physically. In remote interpreting, you do not need to start your preparations days in advance, as the interpreters will not set out a journey one or in some cases few days prior to the event.

Environmentally Friendly Service

The remote interpreting service also plays a big role in the reduction of environmental pollution as it doesn’t require any transportation vehicles such as aircraft and cars.

Consider an event that will involve 50 people and will last for a week.

Along with other people who will attend the event, it can make a huge difference to receive remote interpreting services in more than one event during the year.

Working remotely, you can both stay healthy and reduce your carbon footprint.

While we offer you professional remote interpreting services, some of the mobile applications you can use during the event can be listed as follows; Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx and Zoom.

Additionally, with the remote consecutive or simultaneous interpreting application and the conference code we will provide for your event, you can take advantage from remote interpreting services in the most effective way. With our remote interpreting services, which we will provide you through Skype or different programs on the market, and our experienced conference interpreters, we create alternative solutions for your events that will make your work more efficient such as online conferences, seminars or meetings.

If you have not considered to get a remote interpreting service before, we recommend you to get information in this particular to see what benefits the remote interpreting can provide you.

Author: Esra Çengel

Publishing Date: 03/20/2020

Target Audience: People Who Need Remote Interpreting Services, Companies and Corporations That Frequently Organize Conferences

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