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Remote Work: Strategies for Working from Home

Although the remote work model has been used by many people for years, it was not used by so many people as nowadays. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic that left its mark on 2020, the popularity of this model increased on a sudden. Depending on their sectors, a lot of companies have to close down their business during this tough period while several of them have to make the switch to remote working for all their staff.

This process is easier for people who are not too far from the remote work model because of their profession. People working in sectors such as call center, graphic design, software, writing or translating have already some remote work experience. However, it is not quite easy to say the same thing for people who are used to leave the house almost every day of the week, to spend most of the day among people, and to travel often. Many people who suddenly have to switch from the crowded workplace environment to the home environment go through a difficult adaptation process. Many of these people are looking for effective ways to focus on their work and to increase their productivity and efficiency while working at home.

Here are some ways to do that:

Sow Beautiful Seeds Into Your Day

The level of efficiency and success of people working at home can be different from each other depending on individual daily plannings and preferred working styles. The mood we have in the morning shapes the rest of our day. Before sitting at our computer, a short period of time that we devote to ourselves in the morning provides a source of motivation and energy that will effect the whole day. We can list some of the great ways to prepare ourselves for the day as follows; simple exercises, breathing exercises, a delicious cup of tea or coffee, a cheerful breakfast, listening to one of our favorite songs, or even smiling in the mirror for no reason.

Discover the Secret of the Costume

As well as increasing our morale and motivation with what we did before starting our shift at home, it is also important to sustain this mood all day long. One of the best ways to do that is to get rid of our night clothes. Sitting at our computer in our pajamas makes it difficult to focus on our work and the psychological adaptation takes more time. Whereas, removing the sweatpants and wearing different clothes prepares us for work more quickly. Moreover, these costumes do not need to be dead serious such as uniforms or suits. In addition to this, styling the hair and maybe wearing a lipstick or having a shave are other options that build up our focus on work.

Announce Your Own Republic

Create a protected workspace for yourself at home. Choose a silent corner that is far from distracting factors and noise, and create a mini office environment for yourself. Place some pictures or plants on your table that will make you feel good. Take along your beverage and snacks, but not in large quantities.

You are more free to prepare a beautiful workspace for yourself if you live alone or your home is suitable. But if you share the house with your family or friends, you may need to make more effort to do this. People who work remotely are usually seen by people around them as people who have lots of free time. Therefore, it is very likely that when you sit on the couch with your computer on your lap, they may think that you are browsing the internet. In addition to creating a workspace for yourself, you can also place a cute "Do Not Disturb" card on your door or desk to give a silent message to the people around.

Take The Temperature Of Your Communication

Because of the pandemic, many of us often check the fever of ourselves or our loved ones with a thermometer lately. One of the other things we shouldn't forget to check the temperature of while working from home is our communication with our colleagues.

Although we work alone at home, keeping in touch with each other using the blessings of the internet makes us feel that we are actually a crowded team. Many applications such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Slack, Skype and DingTalk are always ready to make us feel like a team. Making video conferences on certain days allows us to protect the team spirit and to support each other regarding work projects and in various aspects. Organizing online parties or events on different themes out of working hours and chatting on non-business subjects such as old memories or movie suggestions are also very effective in maintaining team integrity and warm communication.

Show Interest In Your Psychology

Stop thinking about the issues that occupy the agenda such as epidemic, earthquake, stock market and etc. Do whatever you can do on those issues, but don't waste your time and energy by worrying about what will happen if there is nothing you can do about it. Do not let the bad news on the radio or television and annoying newspaper headlines capture your mood.

Many people like to work in a quiet environment. If you are not one of them, let the music tracks you love play in the background to increase your creativity and eagerness to work.

Notice The Benefits Of The Modul

Working at home may have an impact on our routine habits and it also can bring us fresh opportunities to gain new habits. In this process, we can improve our time management and organizational skills, strengthen our empathy, and even discover new ways to save money.

Once we finish our shift, there are many activities that we can attend from home as well as many ways to socialize without going out. We can list some of these activities as follows; visiting virtual libraries or museums, playing online games with our friends, watching movies and documentaries on online platforms, creating new music lists that will increase our energy and motivation on various music sites, or attending online courses of our interest.

Whether it’s for a short-term or permanent, we wish you to evaluate your work-from-home phase in the happiest and most efficient way…

Author: Esra Çengel

Date of Publication: 04/01/2020

Target Audience: People Who Work remotely, People Who Work From Home, All Translators, Writers

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